Thursday, 27 October 2011

The HistioGraph World Timeline Educational Poster

A unique gift idea for the person who has everything!
The HistioGraph is a world history timeline poster that depicts the rise and fall of nations, peoples and cultures from 1500BCE to the present day. It charts nations in the form of 'rivers of time', giving perspective and understanding to how the flow of civilizations have shaped our world. The HistioGraph is a concise perspective of world history, that helps us understand the complex story of human development. It is presented in a stylish black A4-sized folder.

Price: $29.95
Purchase from: Histiograph
Also available offline at The Avenue Bookstore, Albert Park Antipodes Gallery & Bookshop, Sorrento

The ideal recipient is Dad or Grandad (male 40yrs+). They would like to put it up on the back of the toilet door as it makes such interesting reading! Men like the summary nature of this product, they can get the top facts about what main things happened in history, when. They can also look across the period of time and understand what else was happening in the world at the same time. The Histiograph includes a lot of information and presents it in a new and innovative way. It also comes in handy for crosswords.

The poster was researched, designed and printed in Australia. It has been self-published.


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