Wednesday, 20 July 2011

King Stone Necklace

Good things come in small packages. Give her something she can wear over and over and that will complement her beauty.

This hand made necklace is sure to be a great gift from the heart.

Price: $89.95

Find this gift at Australia's premier online gift shop, Packed Full of Love. While you're there you might want to explore their other jewellery, maybe your loved one would look better in black. Happy Gifting!

Retro Iphone 4 Cover

This is a very cleverly designed product showing the transition from the old way of storing music - cassettes and tapes - to the new way of storing music - iphones and other digital devices. Not only that, it looks really realistic and rather funky.

It even comes with its only cassette case which doubles as a stand!

Price: $24.95

I just thought of something else! This great case could also double as an anti-theft device. Who would want to steal a cassette? ;)

You can find this great novelty iphone case, along with many other gifts, at Packed Full of Love's online gift shop.

Erupting Volcano, Kids Science Kit

One of the most difficult things is to make learning fun. There's something about learning that just seems to turn most kids away - they only want to play video games.

Not this time!

This hands on erupting volcano kit is cool and exciting for kids, they won't be able to wait to get their hands on it, build it, paint it and then watch it explode.

Price: $49.95

This is another great gift from Packed Full of Love, available in their Gifts for Children and Babies section.

Paper-like Comic Wallet

This wallet is super cool!

It looks and feels like it is made out of paper, in fact like a page out of a comic book, however, it is actually made out of a much more durable synthetic product with is also water resistant.

The compartments are made using some folds and some hidden joins making it appear as though it has simple been folded out of a piece of paper.

Price: $25.95

The wallet features:
  • 2 expandable inner slots for 16+ credit cards
  • 2 big top pockets for notes
  • 2 hidden pockets for receipts and what-not
You might also be interested in the map wallet, for when you lose your way...
... or the envelope wallet...
All three are available at Packed Full of Love in their Gift Ideas for Men section.

Cosy and Cute Monkey Slippers

Who doesn't like monkeys?

These monkey slippers would be the perfect present for your wife, girlfriend, mum or anyone else who likes monkeys.

The slippers are appropriate sized for adults and have non stick soles.

Price: $36.95

You can find this warm and cosy gift at Packed Full of Love's online gift store in their Presents for Women Section.

You can't help but smile when you see these cute and smiley slippers. Since this is a 'worn gift' they will keep on giving every time they are used.. which should be nearly every night!

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