Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Retro Iphone 4 Cover

This is a very cleverly designed product showing the transition from the old way of storing music - cassettes and tapes - to the new way of storing music - iphones and other digital devices. Not only that, it looks really realistic and rather funky.

It even comes with its only cassette case which doubles as a stand!

Price: $24.95

I just thought of something else! This great case could also double as an anti-theft device. Who would want to steal a cassette? ;)

You can find this great novelty iphone case, along with many other gifts, at Packed Full of Love's online gift shop.


i have one! when i have it on my counter top at work no-one gives it another look (nor a thought about stealing it!) because they truly think it's an old tape. brilliant! plus, it's silicone so it doesn't fall off the dashboard when i'm driving.

Great comments nic-nac, thanks!

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