Monday, 24 October 2011

Circuitry Diagram Business Card Case

A cool stainless steel business card case with a circuitry diagram on the top. It seems that even in this digital world, business cards and the giving out of business cards is still an important part of business. This case is a great place to keep all those cards so they don't get lost and so they don't clog up your wallet.

Price: $39.95

This business card case is perfect for any professional or business person, or anyone else who needs to collect business cards. The imagery on the case makes it especially suited to the technical types such as those working in electronics, building, engineering etc.

Packed Full of Love also has an 'E = mc ^ 2' business card case which is known as the 'relative' business card case, obviously referring to Einstein's Theory of Relativity. If business card cases aren't what you're looking for, Packed Full of Love has plenty of gifts for him and her, for all occasions. Browse the online store.


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